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The telecommunications operator GigaTrans unites offices into one local network and provides the client with the high speed channel to the Internet.

Classic telecommunications service package:
  • development of the transport data transmission channel without Internet connection, which is also possible for international communication; 
  • Internet connection in the office with the symmetric speed of Ukraine/world — this solution offers at least the same speed of access to foreign providers as the speed within our country.
Additional services:
  • connection of the central office and sales office with reliable data transmission channels;
  • protection from DDoS attacks;
  • the service of intelligent network management SD-WAN as a service to optimise the customer’s costs;
  • development of the corporate network by means of dark fibre to increase the level of informational security.
Integrated solutions:
  • installation of the client’s server equipment in the GigaCenter data centre;
  • cloud backup service from GigaCloud partner, which enables deployment of the client’s software (1C, OneBox, IT-Enterprise) or duplication of the important corporate information in the cloud.

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