Order the service Internet Access Protection with Next Generation

What It Is: Internet Access Protection with Next Generation

This service allows protecting our customers’ business data from leakage, external attacks, and other unauthorized activities of intruders. The service ensures:

  • safe and controlled access to Internet
  • internet filters to restrict access to web resources;
  • prompt response and expeditious cleaning of malicious traffic;
  • protection from malware and viruses;
  • alerting on incidents in the systems of the customers;
  • complete and comprehensive analytics on the Internet traffic consumed by the customers.

How It Works: Next Generation by GigaTrans

The service is based on the protected node of the Internet access. It allows customers to ensure comprehensive data protection, in particular, protect corporate and shared information.

Data Monitoring and Protection  

to allow to transfer data through secure Internet access node and prevent the leakage, blocking, and hacking attacks 

Adjustment of Protection    

to prevent an unauthorized intrusion of the third parties into the customers’ corporate network

Instant Response

to alert the information security staff on the cases of an unauthorized intrusion
Protection in Action 
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To better understand the Next Generation approach, let’s have a look at the flow of sharing corporate information under this service

Who Should Use Next Generation  

With regards to ever growing leakage cases, data protection is the hot topic for owners and managers of companies from e-commerce, IT sector, service industry, online trading, financial sector, medicine, agribusiness, and many others. This service may also suit needs of public and state-owned financial and health and care organizations.

Public Institutions

According to President’s Order 254/2017, the state-owned data should be thoroughly protected. This is where the service may play its major role in protecting the information that represents the state secrecy and personal data of the citizens.

Financial Institutions

The service ensures protection of financial data, confidential data, and payment data of the citizens.


The service ensures protection of the huge arrays of the client data, results of medical research, histories of the patients, and more.


The service ensures smooth operation of the online trading, protection and integrity of the client payment data.

Next-Generation Internet Protection

Secure your business information by using Next Generation Internet Protection from telecom operator GigaTrans

Today, the government pays a lot of attention to the information security regulation. The efforts comprise the Information Security Management Systems standard based on the secure Internet access node approach. This approach forms a basis for the Next Generation service by GigaTrans.

The Information Security Management Systems standard is a set of the organizational and engineering measures implemented in a company to ensure corporate data protection. In fact, the Information Security Management Systems standard comprises the government requirements to a company information security management system structure.

GigaTrans complies with the State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection requirements and has obtained the Information Security Management Systems standard certificate.

This means that all the information security measures applied to our customer infrastructure fully complies with the government requirements. Thus, the GigaTrans services are applicable to private as well as state-owned and public enterprises who have high data protection requirements.

Why to Use Next Generation

The protected node of the Internet access based on the Next Generation service by GigaTrans ensures your business data is safe. Moreover, it allows you to analyze the company's Internet traffic in detail: On a monthly basis, our experts deliver a report on the statistics of Internet traffic (network load time, unauthorized access cases, web resources used by employees). Our customers easily control their Internet traffic and enhance its performance given this option.

How to Connect to Next Generation

It’s easier than ever to connect to the Next Generation service! With the many years of experience and over 1000 of implemented projects, our teams will smoothly and almost seemethly connect the service to your office. Request a quote by phone  (044) 591-18-18 and we’ll get back in no time.

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