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Such services as dark fibre rent, protection from DDoS attacks and high-speed Internet that are offered by the telecommunications operator GigaTrans enable the bank to maintain its reputation whereas the client can get high-level services.

Classic telecommunications service package:
  • connection of the client’s head office and regional departments to the Internet;
  • new-generation protection of Internet access based on the secure Internet access points (SIAP), which is a mandatory requirement to the service pursuant to Decree of the President No. 254/2017;
  • protection from DDoS attacks, which will help protect strategic and payment data from offenders.
Additional services:
  • construction of data transmission channels by means of dark fibre to increase the level of informational security.
Integrated solutions:
  • installation of the client’s server equipment in the GigaCenter data centre with PCI DSS certificate, which will guarantee protection of the clients’ payment data;
  • full or partial back-up of the client’s IT infrastructure by means of virtual services of GigaCloud partner.

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