GigaTrans operates successfully on the telecommunication market for 10 years.

The services we provide allow corporate clients gaining access to Internet connection and data transmission channels.

The Company has also implemented a range of hybrid solutions to satisfy each and every client need in colocation with GigaCloud centre data centre facilities or development of could infrastructure by the GigaCloud experts. The high-standard services of the Company are ensured with availability of several external uplinks and capacity IP access to the West European and North American operators, opportunity to dynamically balance channels and prioritise traffic, but also reserve a channel capacity.



More than 1000 km of owned infrastructure




technical platforms


Up to 100 Gb/s



Internet connection

GigaTrans offers fibre optic communication lines (FOCL) for Internet access for your offices, warehouses, shops and service and technical platforms.

DDoS protection

Our customers who enjoy the GigaTrans Internet access services may also benefit from the DDoS protection service. This service is made to protect our customers from the unauthorized actions of hackers and ensure fault tolerance of your operations.

Internet Access Protection with Next Generation

Protect your business data with the Next Generation Internet access protection by GigaTrans

SD-WAN as a service

A new tool for digital business transformation. Work at peak efficiency with a safe and reliable solution.

Data transmission channeling

With support of GigaTrans experts, all our clients have an opportunity to create their own internal communication infrastructure. The network allows uniting different divisions and branches of our clients’ companies (irrespective of their number).

FOCL building

Connection to fibre optic Internet with modern optic channels of communication is a highly-reliable and high-speed access to and transfer of information.

Key clients

Our key clients are companies that succeeded in various fields, such as financial, agriculture, service provision, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors as well as many other.

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