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Constructing network with FOCL

To provide telecommunication corporate services of high quality, we rely on fibre optic communication lines (FOCL) both a core data transfer network and connection of services at clients’ branches.

This allows us providing communication channels of almost any network capacity, but also ensuring high quality and speed work of any IT services sensitive to such parameters as traffic latency, channel speed stability, etc. (telephony, video, remote applications, etc.).

GigaTrans offers you possibility to connect your HQ, branches, data centre, shops and logistics centre through dark fibre.

Thus, you have optical fibre rented without GigaTrans or any other third parties’ transfer facilities.

You gain maximum of speed and security from the network administered by you IT service, while our client support team ensures physical security of the network.

Preparing terms of reference
Preparing terms of reference
Approving network design
Agreeing works with external and internal contractors

Signing agreements
Constructing the network

Design and constructing FOCL

If your business is involved in close interaction between your sales outlets and industrial sites, our technical team is ready to design a connection routes between the outlets with active and passive network equipment, agree the works with external organisations and perform construction and installation works to connect all your target devices.

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Connection to fibre optic Internet with modern optic channels of communication is a highly-reliable and high-speed access to and transfer of information.

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