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Construction of Fibre-Optic Communication Lines (FOCL)

In order to provide telecommunications services, we use our own fibre-optic communication lines (FOCL) both for the backbone data transmission network and for connection of services at the client’s units.

It enables us to offer data transmission channels practically of any carrying capacity. It also ensures faultless operation of the IT services sensitive to traffic delays and stable channel speed.

Why GigaTrans

GigaTrans will help you create your own data transmission network: it will connect the central office, departments, the data centre, the store, the logistics facility by means of the reliable fibre-optic communication lines.

Our company has its own construction team that performs absolutely all the works to lay and fit the fibre-optic communication lines. The fibre-optic communication lines are laid and optic fibre is rented without any operator transit devices of GigaTrans and third parties. You get the fast and secure network administered by your IT service whereas our technical support service is responsible for physical security of the network.

You can also create your own data transmission network by means of the “dark fibre”. This service guarantees not only the maximum speed of data transmission, but also protection of strategically important data. Such channel will have the speed of up to 100 Gb/s, and the network will be fully controlled by the client.

The main advantages of the communication lines laid by GigaTrans are as follows:

  • we perform the full cycle of the works to lay and fit the communication lines;
  • we monitor the client’s network 24/7;
  • we promptly shoot any troubles in the network owing to our own construction team;
  • we execute all the documents on each of the customer’s pathways when the fibre-optic communication lines are constructed;
  • the quality of the IT services is confirmed by international certification under ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the certificate of conformity to the CISS.

Main Optic Cable Laying Stages

Laying the optic fibre is a labour consuming process with numerous stages. Our professionals perform the full cycle of construction of the cable structures, connection of the clients as well as all the maintenance and repair works. We design the customer’s network, test the multiple-access systems and fibre-optic communication lines, fit the fibre-optic cable and resolve all the issues to obtain authorisations.

Preparing terms of referencefiber optic communication lines 1fiber optic communication linesfiber optic communication lines 2
fiber optic communication lines 3fiber optic communication lines 4fiber optic communication lines 5
fiber optic communication lines 6fiber optic communication lines 7fiber optic communication lines 8
fiber optic communication lines 9fiber optic communication lines 10fiber optic communication lines 11
fiber optic communication lines 12fiber optic communication lines 13fiber optic communication lines 14
Preparing terms of reference
Approving network design
Agreeing works with external and internal contractors

Signing agreements
Constructing the network

Target Audience of the Service

The service is suitable for medium-sized and large businesses with a wide network. The advantage of the service is that an unlimited number of points can be united into the single network of the client: they are warehouses, stores, offices, branches etc. The FOCL service will be suitable for a large retail chain, service industry, agribusiness, IT sector and others. Also, development of the single corporate network guarantees protection of the client’s data from unauthorised access since the network is controlled by the client. Therefore, the service will suit the companies with high data security requirements.

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