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Ethernet Carrier

Our Data Transmission services is using Ethernet technology built on MPLS backbone access up to 10Gbps with further media delivery copper, fiber or microwave. The service offers following connections types: point to point, multipoint to multipoint, point to multipoint.

Delivery options

  • Carrier to Carrier model
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Ethernet over Fiber
  • Ethernet over Radio
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical access


  • Guaranteed bandwidth, that provides a wide variety – from lowest 64 Kbps up to 40Gbps according to customers’ needs
  • Expanding network topology
  • National coverage
  • We easily meet your budget and requirements
  • Interconnection with all Ukrainian Operators and Providers

Carrier over copper and FO

partnership with providers

Ethernet over Microwave

partnership with providers 1

Direct Internet Access

Reliable Global and Ukrainian Internet access from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps with static IP addressing and IP pack, which allows to build VPN networks.


  • Fixed and symmetrical Internet access
  • Guaranteed capacity parameters
  • Dedicated range of static IP addresses
  • Comprehensive solution within Ukrainian Telecom Market with many additional services
  • Global Internet access
  • DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)
  • BGP protocol usage

CPE Rental

Requests handling, Considering, Delivery, installation and rental of any CPE devices (routers) for any data lines termination.

Bundle Advantages

  • Flat-to-flat Provision and installation
  • One point of entry for bundle CPE+Data Request, One Request – One invoice


Provision collospace at own Datacentre - GigaCenter, that allows to install telecommunication and IT equipment + Interconnection.


  • Own Commercial Tier III DC
  • Equipment can be installed in Carriers own racks
  • Interconnection with all main Ukrainian Carriers
  • Remote hands
  • 99.98% Power SLA
  • 99.97% Connectivity SLA

IP Transit

Global Internet access, supplied by Tier - 1 ISPs


  • Reliable Global Internet access
  • Guaranteed service quality based on high SLA
  • Reliable Tier-1 Partners
  • Speed diversity up to 100 Gbps

Leased Lines

International Leased Line Service provides a wide variety of menus from lowest 64 Kbps up to 40Gbps according to customers’ needs

We may provide the following Leased Line services

  • Transmission capacity – dedicated point to point data communications services using industry standard speeds
  • Ethernet over Fibre, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over Wireless
  • L2 VPN, L3 VPN, DIA
  • DAR – a point to multi-point digital data service
  • DDS – a dedicated point to point digital data service
  • Ethernet – a point to point or point to multi-point connection
  • Frame Relay – a point to point or point to multi-point data service composed of one or more virtual circuits, in which we may provide the data service and/or the virtual circuits

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We cooperate with Internet providers and telecom operators throughout Ukraine.

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