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  • Real Estate Developers
  • Public sector
  • IT Industry
  • Media business
  • Telecom services for Retail Business
  • Agribusiness
  • Telecom services for online business
  • Telecom services for HoReCa
  • Producers
  • Financial Entities
  • Service Industry
  • Telecom services for Health Care

Real Estate Developers

Construction of any business centre, housing estate or shopping mall is a complex and long process where the efficient channel of communication with future clients and lessees plays a key role. Such facilities are sometimes built in the “desert” with no communications at all

Public sector

The digitalisation processes and legislative amendments influence the public sector in the first place. The key task of the public authorities is to protect the information of strategic importance and ensure failure-proof operations of the services.

IT Industry

The Ukrainian IT business closely cooperates with international customers, and the internal structure of the companies is quite wide. The main task of such business owners is to connect all the offices with the high-quality communication channels both in Ukraine and abroad.

Media business

The signal transmission quality, imaging precision and adequate sound track reproduction are the main tasks of the media industry. All these parameters depend on the reliable data transmission channel that allows transmitting large volumes of information in a precise and prompt manner.

Telecom services for Retail Business

Organisation of warehousing, coordination of deliveries and automated customer base system require prompt processing because these processes are a basis of the retail industry.


The modern agribusiness has gone far beyond the “field work”. Today’s agricultural sector is automated processes, online monitoring systems, unmanned equipment management and storage of big data. These processes require fast processing for timely and efficient management decisions.

Telecom services for online business

The top priority of the online business is failure-proof operations of the resource since the company’s profit depend on them. Even a minute of downtime of the system via which clients place orders can result in million losses.

Telecom services for HoReCa

The key parameter for companies in the hotel and restaurant industry is seamless and high-speed Internet access for their clients and guests.


Automated manufacturing management systems, exact calculations, monitoring and tracking systems are important elements of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the full range of operational software in this industry needs to be supported by the telecommunications industry.

Financial Entities

Reliability, security and high-speed data transmission are mandatory operations parameters for banks, insurance companies and other financial organisations.

Service Industry

The quality of the services depends on the speed of information processing and stable operation of remote points to a large extent. Online services in the service industry have to be always available to the client since even a minute of downtime can cause major losses.

Telecom services for Health Care

Health care is one of the most important industries in everyone’s life which uses technological innovation actively to develop. Large volumes of information on patients, their contact details and test results are processed and transmitted in the chain of outpatient hospitals, health centres and laboratories.

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