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Real Estate Developers

Development of a housing estate starts from a bare place where there are no communication lines. A real estate developer prioritizes efficient and reliable communication lines to communicate with the future clients.

Public sector

The processes of globalization and shifts in the regulatory sector affect the public sector above all. The major state goal is to protect the strategic insights and ensure the systems availability and high performance.

IT Industry

The Ukrainian IT sector closely collaborates with international customers while many Ukraine based companies operate wide networks of offices throughout the country and abroad. The major goal of the business owners is to connect their offices with high-quality communication channels, in particular, with those based abroad.

Media business

Quality of the transmission signal, accuracy of the image, and consistency of the acoustical signal are the major parameters the TV and radio businesses require to provide a safe data transmission channel. These parameters ensure accurate and fast delivery of the large amounts of the data

Retail Business

Operation of warehouses, coordination of deliveries, installation of automated systems to manage client bases and payments, all these require prompt processing to satisfy the retail business needs and wants.


Modern agribusiness should operate without limits not only in the field. The technological advancements promise a lot of advantages: online monitoring and reporting with the drones to fastly process the data and make timely decisions to efficiently operate the business.

Online Business

The overriding priority of the online businesses is the flawless and uninterrupted operation of their web resources as they form the major portion of the business profit. Even a second of the system downtime when the clients cannot make their purchases and consume services may involve millions of losses.


For the foodservice sector, the flawless and uninterrupted operation of the Internet connection is the key parameter notwithstanding the size and the rate of the enterprise.


The automated industrial management systems, accurate computation, monitoring and CCTV surveillance systems, these form the comprehensive and complete range of software that ensures the production as well as requires support of the telecommunication capacities.

Financial structures

Reliability, safety, and high speed of the data transmission are the parameters the banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions require to perform their operations.

Service Industry

Quality of the rendered services depends on the speed of the Internet access and data processing. The service industry needs to ensure its services are always available to their clients. Even a second of the system downtime when the clients cannot make their purchases and consume services may involve huge losses.


Medicine plays a major role in the life of each of us. This sector intensively applies technologies and innovations to grow and develop and even save lives. Everyday, medical networks, centers, and laboratories process and transfer large amounts of data about their patients including their contact details and survey results.

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