— a bank with more than 40 branches in 17 regions of Ukraine


Increasing the fault tolerance of the client’s corporate network


GigaTrans telecom operator implemented a project to lay dark fibre in order to connect the client’s three server sites. The sites were connected by different routes, and BisBank received a high level of SLA for each fibre, which guarantees the preservation of banking information. In addition, GigaTrans specialists built L2 channels from various switching sites, which are reserved using the EtherChannel LACP technology. This allowed the bank to optimize the tasks of the IT department and obtain a guarantee of uninterrupted information exchange between branches.

For additional data backup, the client rents the cloud capacity of GigaCloud partner company. The bank’s website is also hosted in the cloud infrastructure.

Andrii Balanda, IT Director of the Bank for Investments and Savings:

“To build a corporate network, we use the services of GigaTrans telecom operator: we jointly executed a project on laying dark fibre for the main and backup communication channels between our three server sites. These are six fibres that connect them to each other by different routes. At the same time, we received from the company a fairly high level of SLA for each of the fibres.”

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