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protection against ddos attacks

Monitoring of Traffic


Our experts ensure reliability and continuity of your data and arrange protection of your web resources from DDoS attacks through the monitoring 24/7. 
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Recognition of All Types of Attacks

We repel the DDoS attacks, up to 100 Gbp/s.
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Elimination of Attacks and Clean Traffic

The maximum time for cleaning the traffic is 30 seconds: It takes up to 10 seconds to recognize the attack and 10-20 seconds to clean the traffic, depending on the complexity of the attack.

What is DDoS attack?

This results in loss of profits and additional costs for recovery of such resources

Average cost per hour

$80.000-100.000 Online payments
$50.000-60.000 Booking of tickets
$30.000-40.000 Parcel delivery
$40.000-50.000 Trade in catalogs
$70.000-80.000 Brokerage

Distributed denial of service this is an attack in which attackers direct a viral traffic to a website so that it stops working.

Your clients do not have access to the resources they require and look for to make use of your services and products. As a result, your business loses money and reputation.

We recommend our customers to take advantage of the DDoS protection service. This service does not only ensure safety of important data, but also strengthens your company image and reputation in the face of the intruders’ attacks.

Who Needs DDoS Protection:

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Financial Sector

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Public sector

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Online Trading

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Payment systems 

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Media business

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This service allows to mitigate all types of the DDoS attacks including application attacks and TCP attacks:

  • DDos attacks
  • TCP attacks (TCP SYN attacks, session attacks (TCP Idle, slow TCP)
  • HTTP sessions (Slowloris, Pyloris), attacks on SSL signaling (Pushdo, THC-SSL), HTTP GET / POST URL floods)
  • DNS attacks (DNS flood, DNS Cache Poisoning)
  • Other types of attacks (UDP / ICMP floods, IP / TCP / UDP fragment attacks, VoIP / SIP attacks)

Why Basic Solutions do not Protect against DDoS attacks

Today, firewalls or Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are not enough to protect businesses. These approaches reduce the likelihood of data leakage within the company and ensure data integrity by making changes through authorized methods. For example, this may be a "reliable filter" set at the entrance to the admin panel of the website. However, firewalls and IPS are not able to protect against mass attacks from outside, and can even sometimes be the target of such attacks.

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Why To Choose DDoS Protection by GigaTrans

The DDoS protection service is based on the Arbor Networks solutions, the world recognized leader. The service has got these advantages:

With the GigaTrans team, you can get the service in just a few simple steps:

  • order the DDoS protection service by calling us at (044) 591-18-18;
  • conclude a contract for provision of the DDoS protection for your website.

With these steps done, the GigaTrans teams will connect service within one to three days, depending on the complexity of the preparatory work. If you have more questions, fill out the request on our website to reach us and learn more about how to protect your server from DDoS attacks.

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