Company services

GigaTrans provides such basic telecom services as connecting corporate clients to the Internet, providing data transmission channels, networking with the help of FOCL construction, and a number of other additional services.
  • Internet connection
  • Data transmission channeling
  • SD-WAN as a service
  • DDoS protection solutions
  • Интернет для бизнеса в Харькове
  • International connections
  • FOCL building

Internet connection

GigaTrans offers fibre optic communication lines (FOCL) for Internet access for your offices, warehouses, shops and service and technical platforms.

Data transmission channeling

With support of GigaTrans experts, all our clients have an opportunity to create their own internal communication infrastructure. The network allows uniting different divisions and branches of our clients’ companies (irrespective of their number).

SD-WAN as a service

Innovative Approach for Business Digital Transformation: SD-WAN ensures secure and reliable performance of your business goal.

DDoS protection solutions

All our clients using Internet access services by GigaTrans may also request for DDoS protection solutions. This service allows ensuring our clients protection against unauthorised access to their commercial data.

International connections

We cooperate with Internet providers and telecom operators throughout Ukraine.

FOCL building

Connection to fibre optic Internet with modern optic channels of communication is a highly-reliable and high-speed access to and transfer of information.

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