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The stable and reliable Internet channel is very important in this case. Another important element of the health care industry is protection of patients’ personal data. The GigaTrans professionals will select the optimum IT services to reach this goal, and will guarantee high operational standards of your services.

Classic telecommunications service package:
  • development of the transport data transmission channel without Internet connection;
  • connection of the high-speed Internet access channel at the health care facilities, laboratories and other points of the client;
  • protection from DDoS attacks.
Additional services:
  • connection of the central office, laboratories and private hospitals with reliable data transmission channels;
  • construction of data transmission channels by means of dark fibre to increase the level of informational security;
  • new-generation protection of Internet, which will help protect the internal information of outpatient hospitals and laboratories from unauthorised actions.
Integrated solutions:
  • installation of the client’s server equipment in the GigaCenter data centre;
  • full or partial back-up of the client’s IT infrastructure by means of virtual services of GigaCloud partner.

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