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This is a modern sophisticated networking technology focused on the intellectual control approach. This service allows to automatically define the enterprise branches into a single network. SD-WAN has a lot of advantages to offer. The technology allows companies to leverage secure and agile transfer of their data through the available channels.

Service provides for centralized control of each and any network device while abandoning the complicated solutions: SD-WAN controller delivers settings to all devices through designated protocols and tracks statuses of the routers and connection channels.

SD-WAN as a Service Advantages

Impressive extraction and setting speed

Intellectual and remote network control

Optimization of network maintenance resources

Automated choice of a data transfer channel that best suits the selected service

Consistency of the security network policy

What do you get when ordering a service

Support 24/7

By leading GigaTrans experts under flexible SLA


Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) empowered with SD-WAN advantages


Equipment warranty and smart recovery


Optimization of network costs



  • Special purpose router to manage the network
  • Static and rude network load balancing
  • Redundant timeouts and losses impacting the online service performance
  • Problematic configuration of traffic priority policy
  • Seconds to process network failures


  • Centralized orchestrator to manage the network
  • Dynamic and intellectual network load balancing
  • Automated detection and elimination of redundant timeouts and losses
  • Effortless configuration of traffic priorities for each element
  • Seamless network recovery

What capabilities do you get with the service


Intellectual traffic allocation given the load


Remote and seamless extraction

Remote network control

Remote control of the entire network

Compatibility of services

Improved online service efficiency and response rate

Consistent security policy

Consistently secured data channel to ensure the network reliability

Optimization of operations resources

Decrease in expenditures on personnel and technologies, etc.
Technology benefits SD-WAN as a service SD-WAN on Your Own
Intellectual network control, traffic optimization
Smooth remote network control
Accessibility and control at a user and an app level
Cut in capital expenditures
Flexible control over expenditures and performance
Optimization of network maintenance costs (IT department)
Steady monitoring of the network by the GigaTrans experts
Flexible SLA terms and conditions (guaranteed and predetermined quality of services)

SD-WAN: How It Works

Remote office
Office in city A
Office in city B
SD-WAN router
Internet network
Data center
or cloud provider

SD-WAN as a service solution from GigaTrans

The service allows providing intellectual traffic routing and improving efficiency of the current network
The service ensures the IT security and mitigates the risk of a commercial leakage
The service allows decreasing the costs of in-premise corporate networks once transferred to a cloud.
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Who is the service for

SD-WAN solutions would benefit any business and any complexity of the business branch and office composition, from light to challenging one.

Technology is advantageous for geographically distributed businesses including those operating through multiple separate locations. The SD-WAN data or cloud based controller, once enforced with major configurations, streamlines the branch network scale-up and operation.

SD-WAN: A New Way to Do Business

SD-WAN offers many advantages to businesses in Ukraine and far abroad. The service model provides for an opportunity to efficiently share the company traffic. As a rule, an implementation of a new technology brings considerable costs and efforts. However, the solution outstands with an opportunity to move capital expenditures into operational expeditures.

The service model enforces entirely centralized management of the corporate network through the SD-WAN controller. Meanwhile, the network engineers can easily maintain the network on remote.

The data or cloud based controller once enforced with major configuration and settings streamline the branch further network scale-up and improves operation as a whole.

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