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Advantages of data transmission channels by GigaTrans

data channels

High rate of information transfer

Independent of information distance and volume.
data channels 1

Information secured against unauthorised access

Robust physical shell disrupts unauthorised connection.
data channels 2

Immunity against electromagnetic waves

Additional layer to ensure security.
data channels 3

Resistance to aggressive environments

Including acids, high temperature and physical damage.
data channels 4

Flexibility of optical fibre

Can be run in any area.
data channels 5

Can be run at long distances

Irrespective of distance in kilometres.
data channels 6
GigaTrans-  is a crouch start for your business
GigaTrans is a leading telecommunication operator in Ukraine that provide full range of services on data transfer. Our clients are able to focus on their businesses and escape solving technical issues


Data transmission channel services is of great interest for companies that possess extensive network made of various branches and offices.

GigaTrans data transmission channels (Layer 2 моделі OSI, Virtual Local Area Network) allow uniting offices, industrial sites, sales outlets and other business units on the territory of Ukraine as well as abroad into the company local network with no need for access to the Internet.

The level of delay between offices 

Ukraine10 ms
Ukraine - Warsaw15 ms
Ukraine - Frankfurt30-32 ms

GigaTrans infrastructure will act as the trunk network with vast coverage of Ukraine and owned international data transfer channels. Your IT experts will only need to set telecommunication services expected to run the network (Internet, telephony

As telecommunication operator, we are committed to ensure continuity of the data transfer network operation.

Our structure allows arranging speed access to your resources located in the European and Ukrainian data centres (remote desktop connection, file and mail server, cloud services).

An example of a branching network

Head office


Data center


Office  №3


Logistics center


Call center




Office №2




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With support of GigaTrans experts, all our clients have an opportunity to create their own internal communication infrastructure. The network allows uniting different divisions and branches of our clients’ companies (irrespective of their number).

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