— a Ukrainian holding specializing in the production of sausage products and meat delicacies.


Connecting the client’s main office to the Internet


GigaTrans telecom operator connected the main office of UKRPROMPOSTACH holding to the Internet. The main feature of the project was the organization of a fault-tolerant data transmission channel with a wide bandwidth. Thanks to such characteristics of the channel, more than 11 of the client’s stores are provided with stable operation of online video surveillance, which allow

Oleksii Prokhorenko, head of UKRPROMPOSTACH brand trade network:

“We like to work with professionals, we are looking for like-minded people. High-quality Internet channels, favourable tariff, loyal attitude to customers. But the main thing for us is the channel width. The main technical load on the channel comes from online cameras: 15 of them in each of 11 stores. And whatever the load, everything works smoothly.

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