Innovative data transfer solutions conquer more and more businesses. SD-WAN as a service is an new approach to data transfer and corporate network management.

This GigaTrans article will tell you what SD-WAN as a service is about, what it brings to the Ukrainian telecom market, and, finally, what are the benefits for businesses!

What is SD-WAN 

IT engineers spend their working hours to maintain the company network. 80% of their time is about these maintaining tasks. Thus, the major priority of each and any business is to optimize these processes and costs. 

SD-WAN as a service is meant to abandon manual maintenance and implement automated solutions into the business networks. As a result, the software “cord” replaces IT engineers manual work and becomes in fact responsible for collection of the router data and further control over the entire systems.

The service is irreplaceable for those companies that operate complex networks of branches and departments spread through many cities of the country and the world. Now, let’s take a look how it works and what it brings.

Let’s imagine a company with headquarter based in Kyiv and remote offices located in Lviv and Dnipro cities. Before, the company would apply traditional WAN-routers, one per each office and one based in an in-premises data center or based in a provider cloud.

This approach would require a lot of equipment to be installed and cooperation agreements with multiple regional providers. A further increase in the number of such providers could even pose a risk of a leakage of a sensitive information.

This is where SD-WAN comes up: The approach allows to automate the control over the branch networks and their traffic.

SD-WAN as a Service: How It Works

Instead of WAN installed at each branch and office, the company should apply the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) empowered with SD-WAN solution. That’s it.

From that point, the orchestrator set at the provider premises becomes responsible for traffic control. The orchestrator delivers the configuration through special purpose protocols and analyzes the data transfer channel load to determine the best network balance.

SD-WAN as a service: Why to Chose

SD-WAN offers many advantages to businesses. The technology allows to develop a protected Internet channel by means of the embedded encryption. The intellectual control over the traffic is meant to improve the performance of the current networks and IT departments. In addition, the SD-WAN solution enables optimization of the company expenditures and allows moving them from capital to operational one. This technology is a great way to become focused on the business activities rather than struggling with the traffic control.

SD-WAN as a Service suits businesses with complex networks of branches and departments. You may ask why: It is easy to set up and maintain. IT engineers do not necessarily have to be physically present at the company office to maintain the network. They simply get all required accesses and permissions to the centralized controller while the settings do not require much of manual work. The SD-WAN data or cloud based controller once enforced with major configuration streamlines the branch network scale-up and operation.

SD-WAN as a Service is a new normal in Ukraine

Huge businesses and their heavy branches spread around the country are getting more and more interested in the technology. The benefits are obvious:
  • centralized control over the network
  • consistent security policy
  • automated choice of a data transfer channel that best suits the selected service
  • speedy setup and extraction
Of course, it is essential to have an enhanced branch network infrastructure to efficiently operate the SD-WAN solution. In Ukraine, in many places, we still lack 3G. However, things are improving and we may soon see more opportunities to implement the SD-WAN solution.

SD-WAN as a service: Business Benefits

It is always about huge investments at first place when a business thinks of implementing a new technology. The same time, the service-based model brings many benefits as it allows to move CapEx to OpEx. Moreover, SD-WAN as a service smooths the client migration between the networks and allows avoiding unnecessary downtimes.

From a perspective of major business requirements, SD-WAN as a service suits best those companies who require reliable traffic to be delivered through geographically distributed branches that grow rapidly or depend on seasonal fluctuations. SD-WAN may be of interest to those businesses that operate in remote regions where Internet connection is poor.
Learn more details on SD-WAN as a service from our video.

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